packages and pricing for business

Our versatile space is perfect for content creation for any part of the marketing funnel.

Packages are intended to simplify the process of getting your video started - the most common types of content are listed here, but we will customize any package to fit your needs. 

Discounts offered for students and non-profit organizations. 

Firwood received business support, 3:1 matched savings, market research and financing from Micro Enterprise Services of Oregon (MESO) to launch our new studio. Firwood highly recommends MESO for your small business needs. Tell them Firwood sent you!



Product video   |   1 min   |   $250

You have a beautiful product, and it needs to be seen. Large or small, we can capture the perfect shots to show off your product's features.


  • One hour studio time

  • One camera/audio setup (w/crew)

  • Your choice of colored backdrop

  • Rotating platform (small products)

  • 1 hour editing

  • Minor intro/text animation


Vlog style video  |   1-5 min   |   $500

You need to get straight to the point,  and get your message across quickly and effectively.  A vlog style video pushed via social media or an email campaign allows you to talk directly to your audience.


  • Two hours studio time

  • One camera/audio setup (w/crew)

  • Your choice of colored backdrop

  • Teleprompter

  • 2 hours editing

  • Minor intro/text animation



Testimonial video   |   2-5 min   |   $500-700

Let your experience speak for itself - customer/client testimonials are a great way to communicate the quality of your product or service, directly from the mouths of those who know best.


  • Two hours studio time
  • One or Two camera and audio setup (w/crew)

  • Your choice of colored backdrop

  • 3-4 hours editing

  • Minor intro/text animation



Training video/seminar   |   2-5 MIN   |   $750-$1500

Hit several learning styles at once for effective training. Train customers how to use your product, or train employees to help guarantee their (and your) success.


  • Two to four hours studio time
  • One or two camera and audio setup (w/crew)

  • Your choice of colored backdrop

  • 4-8 hours editing

  • Text animation throughout video to match training steps



studio use for artists & content creators 



Crowdfunding campaigns are much more successful with an explainer video. And we've got experience there, helping OTTO DesignWorks raise $350k for their new OTTOLOCK product. 


Need to get your sound on the web? A short session in our studio will leave you with content to share with your followers or help find gigs. 


Our versatile space can be used for your short film or music video. 



Whether you need to add to your reel, shoot a high quality audition, or just want to practice with a teleprompter, we have special rates for local actors to create content.


A la carte services

In addition to studio use, we also offer hourly rates for production and post-production. These services can be added onto an existing package, or purchased separately. 


Additional camera and camera operator

$100 first hour, $50 each addt'l hour


Post production services (editing, text animation, coloring, etc.)


Graphic Design / web site building

$30/hr or project bid

Gear/studio rental for content creators

Call for details


Additional SERVICES

YouTube guidance

Need help setting up your YouTube channel? Or maybe you just want it to look more professional? We can help. Channel setup and optimization, graphic design, and more can set you on the path to increase your ROI.


Attend a workshop at our studios and learn how to produce, edit, and optimize on your own — empowering you and your team to take on projects and create truly engaging content.


Live streaming

Live broadcast to Facebook, YouTube, and other services is possible from our studio, and we are eager to find a partner who has a project that will allow us to take advantage of this capability!

We also offer full-scale production services - reach out using the contact form below and let's shoot something cool!