Firwood Lessons

How-to videos for you - the digital content marketer

Whether you're a small business owner doing everything on your own, or part of a larger team, your digital presence is ever more important. You know that video and content marketing is a necessary part of that plan, but just as important is how you distribute those assets.

So you've got a great video - now how do you cut through the content clutter of the internet, and get eyes on it? 

Introducing Firwood Lessons

In this series, we will teach you all the tips and tricks to uploading, managing and sharing your content on YouTube, Facebook, and everywhere else! We'll start simple by uploading a video, adding metadata, and improving your search ranking — then we'll move to more advanced techniques such as live streaming, YouTube channel optimization, and targeted ad buys via Facebook Ads and Google AdWords. 

Click on the video above to check out the check out the lessons, and don't forget to subscribe so we can keep you in the loop. Thanks for being part of the Firwood family, now get out there and create some cool stuff!