What types of video can help you?

You’ve heard all the stats – Over 50% of marketers worldwide cite video as the type of content with the best ROI. Click-through rates in email campaigns double (or even triple) when video is included. And most importantly, professionally-produced video out performs user-generated video by 30%. The truth is, utilizing high-quality video to drive sales is an absolute necessity in 2016.

It’s undeniable – it’s time to integrate simple video content into your marketing plan. So now what? What types of video will drive sales? How do you maximize your ROI? And what are your first steps?

Simple video doesn’t mean boring video. You can do a lot in a studio on a plain backdrop – your video doesn’t have to be an epic masterpiece to catch a consumer’s eye and get them to engage. It just needs to communicate quickly and effectively.  Your first step is determining what type of video you’d like to create, developing a plan, and writing a script. That’s where we come in.

You might start with a company profile video.  Put a friendly face on your company, introduce your product or service to the world, and finish with a call to action. This type of video is ideally placed on the front page of your web site or YouTube channel, included in an email campaign, or delivered as a YouTube TrueView ad accompanying relevant content.

Once you’ve hooked a potential customer, let them know why you are the one to choose. And in a review-driven consumer world, what better way than to let current customers speak for you? Testimonial videos are a simple and incredibly effective way to turn a lead into a sale. A series of videos like this can be released on social media on a regular basis to keep your content fresh, or presented on your website as a YouTube playlist.

Another way to win people over is a product demo. Consumers are 174% more likely to buy a product accompanied by a video that demonstrates how to use it, and 52% of consumers say that watching product videos makes them more confident in their online purchase decisions. . Ease the consumer’s mind, show them that your product will work, and will work well. A video like this is perfect for a product launch campaign on social media, as well as the product page or store on your web site.

None of these types of video necessitate a full-scale, expensive production – but when done well, they can be incredibly effective. Simple video should be simple to create, and the barrier to entry has all but disappeared. Engaging video content is now within your reach, so what are you waiting for?


*All statistics from Frost Media Group, 2013